Map for All Before I Die ABQ Festival Events

Before I Die ABQ Festival Map This online Google map includes addresses for all events October 20-25, 2017 Click on each number for the date, time, address and event The lower numbers indicate events that are earlier in the schedule of events Register for all events here The Before I Die ABQ Festival is made possible by these sponsors: A Good Goodbye, funeral planning for those who don’t plan to die; French Funerals & Cremations, Albuquerque’s largest and oldest

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Before I Die Festivals Get People Talking About Mortality

If you’re like most people, discussing your mortality is one of the last things you want to do We know it’s true, because despite the fact that humans have a 100% mortality rate, fewer than 30% of adults do any end-of-life planning: wills or trusts, advanced medical directives or pre-need funeral planning But what if we could put some “fun” into funeral planning and preparing for end-of-life issues That’s what Before I Die festivals are all about The first one was held in 2013 at the

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These Boots are Made for Talking About Death

Clothing and accessories can really help break the ice when it comes to to talking about death, funeral planning, and end-of-life issues My go-to pieces are a skull concho belt from Mexico, black Lucchese cowboy boots with embroidered skulls and roses, and Scully western shirts that match those boots Look out world, The Doyenne of Death has a new pair of cowboy boots! These incredible sugar skull embroidered boots are made by Old Gringo in Laredo, Mexico You can see these new beauties if